National Professional Qualifications

STEP Ahead Teaching School Hub is proud to offer the new specialist NPQs and reformed leadership NPQs in partnership with Ambition Institute.

The new and reformed National Professional Qualifications build on the Early Career Framework, supporting that golden thread of learning that runs through the whole professional development system.

The specialist NPQs provide teachers with more options to keep getting better. Teachers can specialise in leading teaching (NPQLT), leading behaviour (NPQLB), or leading teacher development (NPQLTD). The new NPQs are designed to be complementary, giving teachers multiple pathways and options at every stage. The specialist NPQs replace what was previously known as the NPQML.

The leadership NPQs (NPQSL, NPQH) have been reformed; the NPQs pay less attention to generic management and leadership styles, and they pay more attention to the knowledge and skills that teachers and leaders need.

Specialist NPQs
Start date: February 2022
Programme duration: 12 months
One face-to-face conference
Six 6-week courses
Leadership NPQs
Start date: February 2022
Programme duration: 18 months
Two face-to-face conferences
Nine 6-week courses

All NPQs are comprised of 6-week courses (approximately one course per half term); in weeks 1, 3 and 5, participants engage with 1-hour of independent study, and in weeks 2, 4 and 6, participants engage in 1-hour deliberate practice on Zoom. As part of each 6-week course, there will also be a 2-hour clinic facilitated by a Visiting Fellow (the vast majority of these sessions will be delivered online). 

At the end of the 12 months (specialist NPQs) or 18 months (leadership NPQs), there is a 3-month assessment window. During this time, participants will be given an 8-day window to sit an ‘open book’ style assessment where they will read a 2,000 word case study and respond to it in a maximum of 1,500 words. 


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