ITT Strategic Role

In addition to our role as a lead partner for ITT, delivering teacher training within our hub region, all teaching school hubs have been given a strategic role to support ITT more widely.

The key elements of this role are:
• to increase school engagement in ITT across their TSH region; and
• find and support Intensive Training and Practice across their TSH region.

Hubs will play an important regional role in their TSH area working with both schools and accredited ITT providers to understand the local market, context and challenges. Utilising this local knowledge and intel, TSHs will be well placed to work with schools, particularly those not actively engaged already, to raise awareness of ITT, the new ITT reforms and requirements, providing information of the accredited ITT providers operating within their area and encourage increased engagement with ITT across the region.


To complete this work, TSH will contact other local accredited ITT providers and schools to build further knowledge of the ITT landscape within their area. TSHs are also well placed to support partnerships to identify suitable schools for Intensive Training and Practice if they do not currently have suitable provision secured. DfE is also asking TSHs to engage with schools to collect a range of data on their current and potential future engagement in ITT. This will not include personal data. This data will be shared with DfE and may be shared with accredited ITT providers during their engagement.  

We have designed a survey to capture the information required and this will be shared with all school in our hub region. The information on this will be reported to the DfE. Thank you for helping us engage in this important work to support ITT across East Sussex and Brigthon & Hove.