STEP Salaried PGCE with QTS

The STEP PGCE is employment-based so, as a trainee teacher, you get to experience life in the classroom from September.

Working in partnership with an expert teacher, you will gradually take ownership of the class throughout the course of the year. You are supported by a school-based mentor, a University tutor, and the Teaching School Hub.

Throughout the year, you are expected to attend 10 training days where you learn the essential core content of a PGCE. Alongside this, you will receive in-house training in your school. You will be assigned reading tasks which you will discuss and reflect on in your weekly mentor meetings. These meetings are also an opportunity for you to work on your next steps, as well as providing you with an opportunity to have regular well-being checks with your mentor.

There are three essays to complete across the year and the Teaching School Hub provide essay clinics to support with writing at Masters’ level.

University of Buckingham Full Logo Outline Black digital 1024x177Assessment of the PGCE is the responsibility of the University of Buckingham and they will award PGCE and recommend you for QTS at the end of the course.

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